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What are your Sesh Essentials?

Find ours here » Smoke Sesh Checklist of Often Forgotten Objects «

It’s those 5 crucial things we always seem to forget.

(hint: none of them are glass pipes, and only one thing’s from our shop)


Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions for our Vaporizer Vial


Is a bic lighter sufficient enough for use with this product?

Yes, a bic lighter will work perfectly.

How do I know if I’m vaping correctly?

The Vaporizer Vial does take some time to get used to.

Here is a video that shows basic use with a bic lighter.

When you first heat the base a bit you should see some condensation build up near the cork. Heat it for a few more seconds then take your first inhale. 

After that, reheat as necessary to get the amount of vapor you prefer.


Should I see smoke, or is that too much heat?

You should see very light clouds of vapor. That means you’re doing it right. If you blow out a lot of smoke after inhaling or see some smoke build up inside the vial and/or spill out the slice, then try heating it a bit less next time. 

After your first few loads through the vaporizer vial, you will definitely get the hang of it and be able to judge heating times intuitively.


Also, my cork has a slice in it, is that normal?

:) Yes that nice slice is just right.

The slice down the side of the cork is normal. It allows air to flow into the vial, as you inhale from the glass tube.




Get our Smoke Sesh Checklist of Often Forgotten Objects

Those 5 crucial things you always seem to forget.

(hint: none of them are pipes, and only one is available in our shop)


Hemp Wick Holder                    Our Newest Addition

Comes with 9’ of Bee Line Organic Waxed Hemp Wick, and acts as a natural, fume free, lighter.

Holds up to 5’ of Wick at a time, just thread it through the glass in the cork stopper, light and enjoy.


Thank you for your Feedback!

We love to hear your thoughts and are constantly changing to suit your wants and needs!

Reach out to us anytime with your ideas,


Being Green

We deeply care about keeping the Earth healthy and vibrant, and do our best to design our smoking tools with sustainability in mind.

The high grade cork used to join our glass blunts, and cap our vials and vaporizers is a renewable resource that is also completely recyclable. Instead of being resigned to sit in a landfill for years, our cork can be recycled at one of many cork recycling drop boxes, as well as biodegrade naturally. Visit to find a location near you!

Our pocket smoking kit cases are made of 100% Organic Cotton that was grown to sewn in the USA. This means its soft, strong and sustainable, and its all-natural construction makes it biodegradable.

We use borosilicate glass, what Pyrex is made of, for all of our glass smoking tools because of its ability to withstand very high temperatures and rapid changes from hot to cold. Unfortunately, because of its resistance to melting at high temperatures, it cannot be recycled with non-borosilicate glass bottles and containers. This means most curbside recycling programs currently do not accept borosilicate glass for recycling. In fact, if pyrex or any other type of borosilicate glass is put in your curbside recycling by accident, it can cause major problems in the production of recycled glass products. Since the high temperature glass will not melt in the recycling process, finished products using recycled glass will end up with small glass stones making them structurally unsound.

Finally, all of our products are easily disassemble-able into their respective parts, making them easier to recycle and reuse. If one piece breaks it’s not a total loss, all you need to do is replace that single piece and you’re good to go.

Did you know borosilicate glass was not accepted for curbside recycling? Is there another little known recycling no-no?

Have any ideas to help make our products more sustainable?

Send a message and let us know below!